This is a rework of the prior scene, with emphasis balanced between the three figures. Note, the varmint is the dragon, while the lady is Trouble with a capitol T. The options on Poser had been business, casual, and nude. The fairy figure is actually wearing a dress. According to one fashion book I read, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's proved one can wear a little black dress anywhere. If so, this figure could have lots of applications. Note, the options of clothing available to Mr Muscle Man were still limited.

This one is related to Flight by Committee, my chapter on air to air combat. An aircraft with a tighter turning radius has a huge advantage in a dogfight. On looking at Zygote's Dragon model, I thought the poor fellow had a fairly high wing loading. Thus many other flyers - for example, a witch - could turn inside a dragon. This doesn't much help those stuck on the ground, however.