Mirror Dance

A single Poser figure, Zygote's Feriae with wings pulled, imported to Bryce, and centered in a 4 sided pyramid of equilateral triangle mirrors. Note that Bryce's mirrors only reflect light a limited number of times, or the patterns would repeat infinitely. Of course, the render time would be infinite too... This is the second rendition of Mirror Dance. The first used a Poser 2 figure, whose leg was awkwardly bent. Poser 3's realism and the Fae model's dress made another version worth rendering.

The above picture was originally inspired by the men's room at work. They had two rows of sinks on opposite walls of the room, with mirrors over the sinks. This created an infinite reflection. This got me thinking about what other configurations of mirrors would create interesting reflections. After due consideration of the various multi sided dice used in Dungeons and Dragons, the D4, the equilateral four faced pyramid, seemed the most promising. During lunch hour, I sat down with paper, pencil and calculator, and figured out the angles to place the mirrors, and for the Poser figure's arms and legs. This was the hard part, remembering enough high school geometry and trig. I didn't have a clue as to what the image would come up looking like, but expected it would be interesting. After a little trial and error, I placed four light sources of different colors, one at each corner of the pyramid.

I'm Bob Butler, software guy by profession, and artist occasionally by accident. I fear my tools contribute to the quality of these images far more than my non-extant training. Still, I'm not intimidated by mere software. The efforts posted here might be worth a look. The listing at left is roughly in the order the pictures were created. The bold entries are my favorites. Alternately, click on the thumb nails below.

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My themes, as you can tell, include ladies, flight, fantasy, science fiction, and bold colors.

This site is best viewed with a large monitor and at least 16 bit color, preferably 24 bit color. If your computer is set for 256 colors, the images will not display well.

Bryce is a wonderful landscape program, and lends itself to alien architecture as well. To some extent, the medium effects the message. Certainly, it isn't stupid when working with a particular set of tools, to select projects these tools do well. I've my share of landscapes among these pictures. Still, I've tried to break the mold a little bit. You will find a little extra emphasis on Poser here, as opposed to Bryce. I also do false color Photoshop work, inverting color planes and changing hues liberally, abandoning entirely the image's original color scheme. 

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