World Wide Web Rings

Web Rings

Zygote's Anime New Young Woman, Poser 3, Bryce 3, and just a touch of Photoshop. This one was created for my Web Ring page. It the first image in the collection that was created in response to a need, rather than just playing around.

This one is inspired roughly on Tarot cards. When the printing press was first in use, common people for the first time could afford to own art. Previously, only the Church and nobility could afford to own a paintings or statue. The early printed paintings were very small, about the size of a Tarot card. The printers discovered that pictures of fair and scantily clad ladies sold well. The Church frowned upon this form of art when taken to the extreme, and preferred morally uplifting artwork. Thus noble, true and pure ideas were personified by scantily clad ladies.

Thus it came to pass, for example, that Justice was personified by a blindfolded woman holding a scale and a sword, scantily clad. In that spirit, how does one better express the freedom and power of world wide web rings than with a lady in a skin tight space suit?

The shape of things to come...