Little Round Top


The slopes of Round Top, looking left.

Down Little Round Top, to Devil's Den, the Valley of Death between.

Panning right, the slopes of Little Round top again, and the Valley of Death above. The point of these pictures is that Round Top is the most defendable point on Sickles' front. It has a stronger slope and better cover than the forward position he assumed. It's field of fire isn't as great in his front than the Peach Orchard, but exceeds the Wheatfield, and the back of Devil's Den.

One other thought. While Little Round Top is a solid defensive position, an attack from here to Devil's Den would be hazardous. If the Army of the Potomac had any thought of attacking, taking Devil's Den while it was as yet unoccupied would not be stupid. However, with the possible exception of Sickles, no one in the Army of the Potomac was thinking offensively. The Union had their "Lovely Ground," good lines of supply, and either patience or lack of nerve sufficient to await attacks indefinitely.

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