Coda using Champions

Coda by Champions 3 rules: Str 13, Dex 33, Con 13, Body 12, Int 18, Ego 14, Pre 13, Com 18, PD 3, ED 3, Spd 5, Rec 8, End 18, Stun 25.

Martial Arts and Martial Damage for eight dice punch nine kick. Acrobatics. Armor 8P 4E, hardened, special effect roll with punch, does not work if stunned, unconscious, entangled or otherwise held motionless. Ego Defense, 15 points, special effect unusual mind patterns most mentalists can't handle. Danger Sense, 27 or less, does not work if threat will not be (shall not have been?) noticed by Coda's normal senses. N-Ray vision, blocked if what is to be seen will not be detectable by normal senses in any probable near future, does not work in combat as too much attention is given to Danger Sense.

Skills are Seduction, Conversation, Persuasion, Stealth, Combat Driving, Lockpick, Contortionist, Sleight of Hand, and Climbing. Several of these skills come from Espionage, not Champions. Professional skills include Jazz Keyboards, Voice, Billiards, Comedienne, and Basketball. Her strength is bought at 1/2 endurance. She has an extra inch of running. Her running is also at 1/2 endurance. She has two dice of Luck. She recently acquired a General Skill Level in Martial Arts.

Disadvantages : Cockeyed Optimist, always a favorable time line available, psych, common, irrational. Fascinated by pain as moths are by candles, psych, common. Joy in situations where lots of choices have to be made rapidly, common. Lives for the moment, disregards importance of long term planning, common.

Enraged if locked into tight timeline, if all futures are the same, infrequent, on 14s, recover 11s. Amnesia every morning, all the time, slight, physical. Three dice stun if near time warp or in presence of another prophecy character basing his actions on hers, timeloop susceptibility, uncommon. DNPC Al Ivory, competent, frequent. Hunted, the Mad Doctor, a semi bad guy normal shrink who believes she should be locked up for her own good. Monitored by State Department of Mental Health. Public ID.