Introduction to Coda

Twice my character Coda, running in Glenn Blacow's Champions campaign, has been mentioned in the Wild Hunt. A full write up was promised. Alas, Scott Bennie stole a little of my thunder in The Wild Hunt 128 with his character Timeseer. Coda is also a time based super hero character, which I thought was an under developed character theme.

There are major differences between the two characters. Timeseer can manipulate time in several ways, including moving quickly, slowing opponents, and knowing what is about to happen. Coda has just the last power. She knows all the possible futures she could cause to happen, projecting up to six seconds into the future. While Harmony could buy a cosmic pool to get all her biological powers, there is no one clear way to buy prophecy effects. I spend most of 300 points on DEX, INT, Danger Sense (27 or less), N-Ray (blocked if what is seen can't become obvious within 6 seconds, no matter what Coda does), etc... At that, I had to buy Luck to fill in a few cracks. She can foresee how to create 'lucky' desirable events by triggering Rube Goldburg ad lib traps. Prophecy is not a clean buy, even if you limit it to alternate short term futures.

In a 16 hour waking day, Coda picks up 16 hours worth of memories, just like any normal person. She also picks up a few dozen extra sets, as she also remembers the results of every action she didn't take. That's more memories than her puny little mind can handle. The solution? Every night, instead of dreaming the day's important short term memories into long term storage, she dumps everything. Every day starts with a case of total amnesia. ('Amnesia' and 'Deja-Vu' were considered as hero names. Coda was chosen instead. A coda is a symbol in musical notation used when the musician should jump back to a prior point in the music. The zero and cross hair symbol used on the background for this page is a coda.)

So, every morning, she has to read her diary to figure out who she is. Which brings us to this month's feature article...

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