Joy Class Androids


Joy. (Expletive deleted.) She insists on fighting her own style. It is a stupid style. It is an absurd style. Priority two, do not injure your opponent. Priority six, do not allow yourself to get hurt. (Expletive deleted.) It's based on Japanese soft style 'aikido', except more defensive. The objective is to hit a pressure point, and render the opponent cleanly unconscious. To cause pain or leave a bruise is considered clumsy. In a one on one conflict, combat is extended until the clean hit can be performed, no matter how many times this gives your opponent a chance to kill you.

It is a stupid style. To so willingly yield the initiative? Practice is unnecessary as the solutions are already programmed? Practice only wears down the body parts? If her reflexes were not positronic, if her muscles were not accordion monofiliment, if her bones were not kartuin alloy, if her skin was not a...

Since you ask, yes, she can 'wipe the floor' with me. (Unintelligible.) This interview is over! Leave this place!

And one should never, ever, apologize for victory!