Plan of Battle

Subject : Plan of Battle
From : LtJg Joy Five
To : DS21 Ops, Klingon forces DS21, Federation forces DS21
CC : Starfleet Admiralty, Sector 8 Joint Command

Objectives :

Priority 1 : Defend DS21 from attack
Priority 2 : Rapid neutralization of attacking force to allow a relief effort for Qo'noS.

Deployment :

Main Federation Force.

Federation forces are to assume a disk formation centered on flagship USS Gabriel. Disk face is towards the approaching enemy force. Objective of this force is defensive. Gabriel will be positioned between DS21 and aggressor force.

Special Engineering Directive, Main Federation Force.

This force is to be used in a defensive, blocking manner to protect a fixed point in space, DS21. High speed warp maneuver is unlikely. Optimize power distribution initially to shields, then to phasers and shields. Assume there will be one or two volleys of torpedoes, then an intense exchange of phaser fire at short range.

Main Klingon Force.

Klingon group is to set course for Qo'nos, allow the course to be observed, then cloak. This is a cloak to attack. Engage the primary aggressor group just prior to their entering extreme weapons range of the Federation Main Group. Klingon commander is free to use his own formation and tactics. Leave a fire lane open for the Federation force to come to your support. Aggressive tactics to create an interval of confusion is desired. Priority target early is the Jem'Hadar, as Cardassian weapons and tactics are better known.

Reserve Federation Force.

USS Defiant, USS Ambassador, and USS Nightingale shall stand in reserve near DS21. They should support DS21 should any aggressor units split off the main attack, or should any aggressor unit break through the main groups. Should DS21 not require support, Defiant and Ambassador should act aggressively and decisively to exploit any perceived weakness in the enemy formation. USS Defiant is flag for the reserve group. Defiant's commander is authorized to use initiative in deciding the reserve's role.

The medical ship USS Nightingale should attempt to avoid heavy exchange the enemy.


Code Word "Tiger"

If the Klingon attack sufficiently disrupts the aggressor force, the Federation main force will move forward to support the Klingons. The Federation Main Force is to hold their loose formation on USS Gabriel.

Code Word "Rampart".

If there is a threat to DS21, the Federation main force will retreat to spinward of DS21, while the Klingon force retreats to anti-spinward.