Preliminary Battle Report

Subject: Preliminary Battle Report
From: Lt. Joy Five
To: Captain Blurox, Comdr. T'Kai


Tactical systems are stressed, but fully operational. Damage control priority may properly be given to structural and propulsion systems.

Opposition tactics and weapons systems seemed more centered on Dominion than Cardassian. In particular, their shield systems were highly effective. Also, many cultures, after losing the first wave of scouts, would have pulled back their remaining ships to the cover of the moon base. Continued pursuit of a Galaxy class ship by three scouts using kamikaze tactics speaks of Dominion tactics and Dominion command authority.

The deployment of all observed large ships in pursuit of Defiant, and engagement of all observed smaller scouts against Republic suggests one of two possibilities. 1) There is no trap and we have achieved strategic surprise. 2) They are willing to expend their local scout ship fleet to sell the trap. The first seems somewhat more likely. If this were a trap, there would seem to be little need to expend the scouts.

The next known threat is the arrival in 4 to 6 hours of some of the ships pursuing Defiant. Assuming they leave some force to track and/or harass Defiant and assuming Defiant inflicted some damage, we might be in a good position to engage such a fleet.

The other known threat is the base on the third moon, currently on the side of the moon away from the planet.

Unknown threats include other moon bases, armed satellites in near the planet, and planetary weapons systems.

If an away team is to be landed on planet, contingencies might be planned for quick mission execution, prior to a 4 to 6 hour return of Defiant's pursuit. An alternate possibility is a period when the AT cannot expect support from Republic due to the necessity to maneuver in space battle.

Lt. Joy Five