Subject: Genocide
From: Lt. Joy Five
To: Captain Lymbeer, Commander Stewart
CC: USS Valkyrie security log, Starfleet JAG Valhalla Station, Starfleet JAG San Francisco, Ambassador for Planet Mudd to San Francisco (Eyes Only)


While continued analysis is ongoing, it is clear a significant portion of the planet's crust has been destroyed, with associated disturbance in the atmosphere. The impact of the attack would be significantly greater than the asteroid impact that rendered the dinosaurs extinct on Earth. It is possible that insects, fish and small mammals might survive in sufficient numbers to breed. Without intervention, all large organized surface dwelling life forms are likely doomed to extinction. A priority call to a large science ship with zoology specialists is recommended. The remnants of the planet's planetary defense systems must still be subdued. Survival of sentients protected by armored structures equipped with life support is possible. The lack of response to hails discourages hope of this possibility, though communications silence might be a decision made in self-preservation.

To a degree "beyond a reasonable doubt" the USS Harding is carrying and utilizing a cloak. This is in violation of treaty. This unit is preparing an arrest warrant for the Captain of the USS Harding.

To a degree "probable cause" the USS Harding and its crew is responsible for an attack upon an inhabited Class M planet using weapons of mass destruction, destruction of life habitat, and a yet to be determined number of species extinctions. It is possible that military personnel only inhabited the planet, and Harding had proof of this. It is possible that the USS Harding was acting under lawful orders from civilian command authority. It is possible that the cause of the destruction was not the Planet Killer. It is even possible that this was another "accident." Regardless of these possibilities, there remains "probable cause" level of evidence of war crimes activity on the part of USS Hawking and the alien device known to be under its control. The use of the blatantly illegal cloak in an attempt to hide the Harding's involvement makes an assumption of legal and properly authorized genocide impossible. The USS Harding should be recalled immediately, its logs examined, and its crew questioned.

This unit remains concerned about segments of Starfleet committing offensive acts of war, in violation of interstellar treaty, independent of Starfleet chain of command, and independent of civilian command authority. This unit reminds the USS Valkyrie command staff that destruction or suppression of evidence is a crime, and that any order to destroy or suppress evidence of illegal activity is illegal. Complying with such an illegal order would be obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and conspiracy after the fact to commit genocide. Relaying an order to suppress or destroy evidence to members of the crew, unless they had the moral integrity and strong convictions to refuse the illegal order, would also make the crewmembers guilty of obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and perhaps conspiracy after the fact to genocide. This unit requests that the crewmembers not be issued such illegal orders. This unit states intent to protest any such orders received, and states intent to refuse to obey any such illegal orders.

Lt Joy Five
Chief of Security
USS Valkyrie