Hacker Alarm

I've got a hacker alarm.


Probability 89%, someone is trying to get somewhere he doesn't belong. 95%.

Expletive freaking deleted!

What's that?

It's outbound. Someone on the ship is hacking someone below. It's not just a security problem, someone is blowing away common courtesy in a First Contact - Prime Directive situation.


You don't want to know.

You're right.

Well, what goes around, comes around. Pull his clearance.

You kidding me? I've got a wife! Kids!

You have a point. Where is the new Chief?

Down on AT.

The android?


The XO?

Three guesses.

The captain?

On the bridge.

Forward it to the Ops console, to the Captain's attention.

It's away.

Hey Joe! Could you watch this console a minute! I've gotta take a quick break.