Subject : Irregularities
From : LtJg Joy Five
To : Commodore Slayer, USS Gabriel
CC : Commander McTalis, USS Gabriel
Commander Data Soong, USS Enterprise
Secretary Joy Seven, Mudd
LtCdr Joy Ten, USS Defiant
LtCdr Joy Eleven, USS Hawking
Counselor Rachel Morgenstern, Starfleet Academy

This unit, LtJg Joy Five, was ordered by Commander McTalis, USS Gabriel, to alter the identity beacon of USS Gabriel to show the codes and identity of the previous USS Gabriel.

It is my understanding that this action is illegal by Federation and Starfleet regulation. This unit, at Priority Three, is required to obey legal orders from valid Starfleet chain of command. At Priority Four, this unit is required to obey the law. This unit thus is inherently incapable of obeying Commander McTalis's illegal order unless it is clearly shown doing so will save lives or prevent disruption of a pre-starflight civilization.

It is my understanding that Commander McTalis is attempting to lure a hostile ship to it's destruction. Under such a circumstance, it is my expectation that Starfleet would not persecute the violation of regulations, but consider the ID change a legitimate ruse of war. While this unit feels required to log protest of an illegal order, this unit does not anticipate or urge disciplinary action against Commander McTalis, or against any he may find willing and capable of following his direction.

However, Commander McTalis has also informed me that it is illegal for a sentient android to serve as Ops officer on a Federation ship.

This unit is resigning her post.

This unit is reporting to the brig.

This unit, at Priority Two, unless receiving legal orders from valid Starfleet chain of command, may not kill or injure sentients, and must not allow sentients to be killed or injured. As this unit's assignment to Gabriel's Operations is illegal, there is no longer anyone on board this ship who is part of this unit's valid Starfleet chain of command. Thus, this unit is required to prevent anyone from being injured or killed. However, this unit having followed illegal orders since arriving on Gabriel, must allow herself to be arrested. Thus, if injury or death is necessary in confrontation with the Cardassian destroyer, this unit, being secure in the brig, would be unable to interfere with the ship's duty, even should this duty turn lethal.

Commander McTalis did not identify the regulation by which an android may not be assigned to Operations. If this unit is to be placed under arrest, prompt notification of the charge must be provided.

Commander McTalis ordered this unit to communicate with Commander Data Soong of USS Enterprise-E as to the nature of the charges. While Commander McTalis is no longer in my valid chain of command, this unit complied with the request.

This unit understands the First Guarantee to be 'All sentients shall be equal under law.' Thus, a regulation which forbids a sentient android from performing a task allowed other sentient beings is questionable. To stand in court, the agency passing the regulation would have to show a clear and present danger to those near the android serving Ops, or show some other very pressing interest by the government to deny a First Guarantee right. Thus, this unit believes the performance at Ops of Commander Data Soong, Lt Joy Seven, LtCdr Joy Ten and LtCdr Joy Eleven will have to be shown to be seriously deficient for the regulation to stand against constitutional challenge.

Commander McTalis also reports it is only sentient androids who may not serve at Ops. In the Artificial Intelligence journals, some definitions of 'sentient' require the ability to make choices, to have free will. This unit is designed to respond reliably and predictably to orders, and thus does not have free will, and thus is not sentient, and thus may be allowed to continue to serve at Ops?


Other Joy Class units have served successfully in Engineering, Science and Helm positions. This unit shares the memory and skill packages necessary to perform these roles. If this unit is a danger serving at Ops, an alternate role is desired, if possible.

This unit should have a valid Starfleet chain of command.

This unit is reporting to the brig.

This unit is sorry.

LtJg Joy Five