Joy Class Androids

Out of Character Notes

The following are game related notes written on subjects related to Joy, but not in character as Joy.

Creating Joy was written in response to the immortal question, "What ever possessed you to take on this character?" It is a brief note on motives and requirements.

Joy's personal Technical Manual might not be the easiest of readings, but if you are interested in tracing the above requirements into an implementation - tracing character personality back into her processor design - you may find this interesting.

Human Nature: Good, Evil, or Oxymoron has nothing to do with Joy Androids. It was written long before Joy. It's my essay on creating believable humans for gaming or fiction. As such, it is an essay about what Joy is not.

The Prime Directive v The Charter Guarantees is an out of character exchange between myself and 'Christiana McLeod', the boss lady of the Federation Council sim. We were having trouble deciding how 'Starfleet General Order Number One' originated, whether the Federation Council is bound by the principle of non-interference, and whether Starfleet and the Council might have had a disagreement over principle in the Federation's early days. Can Starfleet interfere with local member governments when they violate the Guaranteed rights of Federation citizens?

Coda : Joy wasn't my first complex non-human character. Back in 1987 I was playing superhero games. Coda was my most original character, she who could choose the most exciting possible future, at the cost of not being able to remember.

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