Operations: Alert Modes

The following table summarizes the personnel and equipment changes associated with Cruise Mode, Yellow Alert, and Red Alert status. These mode changes are initiated by the Command Staff, Tac or Ops. The equipment status changes are performed by the computer, and need only be monitored and confirmed by the bridge crew.

The Defiant is a warship, and maintains a higher minimum power level than the Starfleet norm. While cruise mode and yellow alert list 25% and 50% minimum propulsion capability on line, high speed transit in Cruise Mode often calls for higher usages.

                     Cruise        Yellow      Red
                      Mode         Alert       Alert
Notification          None         Text        Klaxon
                                               PA Verbal
On Duty Watches       Any Watch    Any Watch   1st & 2nd

On Call               Dept         2nd or 1st
                      Heads        watch
On Bridge             One Sr.      Primary      Primary 
                      Officer      Systems      Dpt Heads
Impulse               25% +        50% +        100%
Warp                  25% +        50% +        100%
Batteries             Full         Full         Full
Tactical              25%          100%         100%
Sensors               25% +        100%         100%
Shields               25% Stby     75% Stby     100% Up
Phasers               OFF          75% Stby     100% Charged
Torpedoes             OFF          2 torps      All tubes
                                   loaded       loaded primed
Fighters              3 on         6 manned     12 manned
                      5 min        6 on 5 min   12 on 5 min

Diagnostics           Scheduled    L 4 prime    L 4 every 5 min
                                   L 4 lifepods L 3 on prime
Intruder detect       Scheduled    On Alert     Continuous

Additional actions are required in Red Alert state. Warp core ejection and self destruct are enabled and standing by. Security personnel clear hallways, activate inner doors and forcefields compartmentalizing the ship, and secure crucial access points. Emergency medical and damage control teams are also placed on alert.

The 'Internal Security Alert', can be called in additional to the above modes. Shields are raised with variable mutation to prevent beam in and beam out. The crew arms and assembles in designated defensive groups, in addition to the security force deployment of Red Alert status. Non-essential areas are evacuated of life support, power access, inertial dampening, and artificial gravity. Section doors are closed and sealed. Bridge section isolates, operating on independent power, life support and computer. Bridge clamps are prepared for release. The nerve gas system is brought online. Ship to ship communications is jammed.

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