Military History

Cemetery Hill as viewed from Little Round Top: Gettysburg, PA

Flight by Committee

Account of a Sky Warriors dogfight. The pilot / author was experienced with desktop computer simulated combat, but had never flown a real plane before. The theory and practice of shooting down aircraft is explored.

Flight by Committee

USS Massachusetts Photo Tour

Photo tour of the USS Massachusetts, currently docked as a museum ship at Heritage Park, Fall River, Massachusetts. While many battleship web sites feature shots taken from a distance, often with a broadsides being fired, this one gets up close and personal.

Battleship Massachusetts

Sickles' Hole

During a recent trip to Gettysburg, I explored with a digital camera the pros and cons of General Sickles' advanced line, a line he adopted without orders on the second day. It isn't an entirely stupid line, but the bitter fighting in Devil's Den, the Wheat Field, and the Peach Orchard were neither necessary or wise. In addition to the Sickles controversy, a decent overall photo tour of the southern half of the Gettysburg field is provided.

Sickles Hole

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Warp Nine Flying False Colors!

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