Politics and Philosophy

Polyticks: A Secular Humanist Manifesto

My political party is agnostic, marital status is independent, and religion is single. Polyticks gathers several barely related political essays and opinion pieces. I'm against bigots, fundamentalists, and neo-confederates. I am for the Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, Truth, and the 19th Century practice of capitalizing Virtues. I'm distinctly in favor of the Founding Fathers, and the Future. Confused yet? Welcome to Polyticks!


The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The post-Reconstruction Jim Crow courts, in an effort to prevent the Uniton from enforcing black rights in the south, essentially nullified the Bill of Rights. Most rights have been resotred. The major exception is the Second Amendment...

Recognizing the Battle Flag

Does the banner stand for state's rights, or slavery? Highlights from the secession crisis, in the words of the participants.

Recognizing the Battle Flag

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