Bob Butler

A Short Biography

I'm a white male INTP Baby Boomer software guy. I am interested in conflict, in war, and upheavals within society. This is a rather broad interest, which results in a rather diverse web site. Want an introduction to flying fighter planes? Are you interested in criteria the Federation of Planets might use before inserting a foreign intervention? Do you believe state's rights were more important than slavery during the Civil War Secession crisis? Care to tour a battleship? Have you ever wondered about the nature of Good and Evil?

Do you want to look at pretty pictures? G rated for the most part. I pretend to be an artist, sort of, but my tools (Photoshop, Bryce, Ray Dream, Poser and Painter) are better than I am.

I was born and raised in Rockland Massachusetts, a Boston suburb, and am now in Carver MA, closer to Cape Cod. I attended Northeastern University, where I studied Electronics Engineering, and attempted to imitate a Computer Science degree before Computer Science quite yet existed. I've worked for New England Telephone, Draper Labs, and GTE. With both GTE and New England Telephone now being under Bell Atlantic's umbrella, my 2 month summer house services job might give me the seniority for an extra bit of vacation time. (I can dream?) While I have been with GTE over 20 years now, GTE field loans and acquisitions have had me working under names such as Sylvania, Contel, Lockheed, and Crystal Computers.

My career involves a little work in all three branches of the strategic nuclear triad, mostly in the training and communications side. If this upsets you, let me propose that peace through strength works.

My primary hobby is role playing games. An Android's Tale documents many of the adventures of my most recent and involving character.

And if these facts tell you nothing, and you care about the soul, punch here.

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