The Rationalizing Beast

The Robber Baron is an aloof and distant scum. Perhaps after he has bribed the U.S. Congress and the territorial governor into making his interests Law, he becomes more real. When his men start driving tracks down his so called right of way, he will be a presence. Perhaps then he'll speak of inevitable progress, rub his fat stomach, and laugh derisively at the others. Until then, let's leave him alone. Pick any of the others.

The shooting has started. A respected member of your peer group is dead. Your way of life is threatened. Your means of feeding your family is not secure. Your surviving peers are standing with guns at ready listening. It is time to make a speech. (These are the 1800s. They are really big on speeches.) Is there any doubt at all that you can convince your peers that you are the Good Guys wearing White Hats? If you declined, would not someone else step forward to make as good a speech? What values will you invoke? What past battles will you mention, to steal a little glory? And is there any doubt at all that the opposing group deserves to burn in Hellfire Everlasting?

Of course, any good GM has to be ready to drop one NPC, and pick up the mind set and persona of another. Yep, across the valley another leader is making another speech. Repeat the above exercise again, and again, and again...

There are no Evil Men in this valley tonight. There are only Good Men, only More So.