The View from Cyberspace

Looking North
(The Penn RR Perspective)

In 1913, the Pennsylvania Railroad commissioned a aerial perspective of the Gettysburg field. It gives a truer impression of the tree lines than most modern pictures, as the trees had not grown in as much at that time.

This page shows both the Penn RR map and my own Bryce projection, which attempts to duplicate the old perspective. The original version of the RR map is hot. Clicking on the painting should bring you to picture pages. This page might be the best tool to match up relative positions of roads, hills and tree lines.

A Bryce 3D attempt to duplicate the 1913 Penn RR Perspective

The 1913 Pennsylvania Rail Road map

The Battle Lines, and the original intent of
Longstreet's June 2 Assault

The Bryce Projection, Unlabeled

91% Bryce, 9% Penn RR
The two images combined.

The match on the last merged image is not perfect. This is mostly laziness on my part, with perhaps some lack of computer accuracy on the part of the 1913 artist. One can see how the roads tend to run down wooded ridges, leaving the lower areas clear for farming.

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