Technical Stuff

Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees.

Lieutennant General "Stonewall" Jackson

The pictures were taken with a Sony Still Digital Mavica camera, MVC-FD7. They were processed in Adobe Photoshop. Most images were sharpened, rotated, brightened, and / or reduced in size. Claris Home Page was used to assemble the web pages.

The link map on page two is based on a still camera image of the Trailhead Graphics Civil War Battlefield Series map. The positions shown on the map are moderately accurate, but more care could have been taken.

I have been lurking the Gettysburg Discussion Group and reading assorted books on the Gettysburg campaign. I have borrowed opinions and perspectives freely. A future pass will include references. For the moment, the objective is to put the pictures on the web.

Bob Butler

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