Joy Class Androids

Drinking Holographic Wine

Joy Class Androids

What happened to the sunrise? Right there, there was a beautiful sunrise over an ocean, and I was sitting on nice soft sand, and there was this willing computer that would refill a champaign glass whenever you asked it to. Next minute, there is black wall, yellow lines, and you. Is this your fault? Did you have to end the party?

I have to go? Now? You will come with me? Holly Golightly would never leave a party alone. Not Joy, Holly. Holly! Joy would never ever get smashed. Joy is a good girl. You hear she got a good conduct medal?

Yes. That is mine. Right shoe, black, high heels, wet. Very wet. Of course a shoe gets wet when you throw it in an ocean! Stupid sunrise. Oceans should keep their shoes. Never can trust an artificial ocean. Yep. Left shoe, wet. One diamond tiara, wet. One two foot long cigarette holder, wet. One package of smell free, cancer free, taste free, imitation cigarettes, soggy. One quintuple rope of black pearls, wet. One pair of black pearl and diamond earrings, wet. One very very wet bronze good conduct award.

No, didn't throw away everything. Kept something. Kept the wine glass. Wine glass went away with the sun. Kept a ring. See? Beautiful beautiful plastic ring. George Peppard gave it to me. Came in a Cracker Jack box. Candy coated popcorn, peanuts, and a prize! George Peppard loved me. He had ten dollars he had earned all by himself, to spend on anything in New York. He spent it to get this ring engraved at Tiffany's, which is the best place in the whole world. We lived happily ever after, I think.

What happened to George Peppard? Are you George Peppard? Didn't think so. Cary Grant? I lived happily ever after with him a lot. No? Milord Mudd? I learned what money is, Milord. I know what it means to be sold. You can't sell me, again. Can't sell me. I love you!

Alone? Have to stay in Joy's room alone? Milord? Milord?