Joy Class Androids

Joy Eleven, USS Hawking


The Original Constitution Class USS Hawking
Vice Admiral Alpha, Commander Bravo

Joy Eleven is unique in that her first assignment was SFOL's USS Hawking, and she is still on the USS Hawking. Vice Admiral Alpha of Starfleet On Line runs a ship ideally suited to Joy's pace and style. There are lots of good log writers on board. The crew members feel real as people, not just actors in an action adventure plot.

As a result, Joy Eleven has had more opportunity to get poetic, and Holly Golightly has surfaced on the Hawking much more than anywhere else.

The Hawking also seems to have a few more redneck characters than one might expect. This led Joy to design a special shuttle, just for the Hawking.

A Special Little Shuttle

Drinking Holographic Wine is the story of what happened after Admiral Alpha's party on the USS Hawking's holodeck. Joy doesn't often try to actively invoke the ghost of Holly Golightly. What happens when she finally works up the courage to do so, and it doesn't work?

A Hawk Among Crows is a tactics essay. What does one Constellation Class cruiser do when confronted with fourteen Klingon warships of unknown class? (Hint. The Admiral has already ordered 'attack'.)

The Lonely Bull reflects the aftermath of the above fight. The fourteen ships were taken roughly as planned. Unfortunately, the opposition leader escaped. While 'A Hawk Among Crows' is about tactics and ships, The Lonely Bull is about people, beasts, and bugle cries. If Joy hasn't got a heart, her emotion chip at least is functional.

Constellation "You will never be more than a chunk of wires and plastic unless you have passion."

Debriefing Captain Castrux was written in the aftermath of one of Hawking's semi annual training exercises. Our most junior science officer was given command of a tricky scenario in the holodeck, and as is Hawking's tradition, lost the ship and all hands. This first version gives the junior officer's perspective of the exercise.

The Kobayachi Maru meets the First Law of Robotics gives the senior officer's perspective of the same exercise, and touches briefly on the unique perspective of an emotion chip android.

Golightly is my first try at a musical ship's log. At the end of a Judy Garland / Mickey Rooney musical, there is always a face paced upbeat production number. They are wonders in their own way, but part of the final high is a sad note played early in the movie. This is my attempt at Judy's ballad.

How It Should Be Joy's bad luck string on away teams continues, as Eleven finds herself pinned down in a cave, besieged by enemies, and surrounded by Klingon and Bajorn crew mates who want to fight back.

Void A brief time out for a space walk...

Cancellation in Progress. This log was primarily written by Lt. Ann Stewart, the Hawking's Chief Engineering Officer. My contribution was to provide a few technical manual pages, which helped Ann diagnose a malfunctioning android.

Sumo When a slight misunderstanding resulted in the arrest of the Science Department, Joy Eleven was mistaken for her Evil Twin Sister, Red Four. (It's traditional. Androids in TNG era shows gotta have evil twins.) Anyway, make room for a little mayhem...

An Example of Applied Artificial Intelligence Why androids also have a dislike for Monday morning quarterbacks...

The Panting of the Ghosts In which Joy dances the part of the Dark Angel...

The Measure of a Woman finally tells the story of how Joy met Fred.

Discovering Home What can an android do when she has the mean reds? Time to visit Tiffany's.

Kirk's Heresy. A planet of predators is made sentient by action of the Federation. Joy must come to terms with her Priority One, the Prime Directive.

Joy Gets Nasty: A rogue element of Starfleet Intelligence attacks the USS Hawking.

Don't Let It Be Forgot - The Starfleet Intelligence attacks leave the Hawking in ruin... and Admiral Alpha retires. Joy starts to cope with her immortality.

Hawking B

With the departure of VAdm Alpha and Commander Bravo, the USS Hawking-B was launched. Captain Lorca and Commander MikeM are continuing the tradition. At about the same time as the Hawking transitioned, Joy Ten's Defiant was destroyed and replaced by Defiant-A, Joy Five transferred from Republic to Valkyrie, and I was diagnosed with diabetes. The last has had the most significance. I find myself with more energy to write logs...

The Science Department Goes Grocery Shopping - In which we learn that cold components of animal servo systems are kept in the meat department.

UZ1906 - In which the United Federation of Planets takes on a Sports Utility Vehicle.

Hero? - In which Joy receives and ambiguous order.

Reboots : With the Hawking's CO and XO injured, second officer Joy responds...

The Objective Academic Post-Op Analysis : The Monday Morning Quarterback returns.

Cat Fight : Joy and Tye D'Naura discuss applied philosophy, claws exposed.

Analysis : With an Analysis of the Analysis. On androids and Kobyachi Maru.

Precautions Against Paranoia : Or "Immune My Power Supply Access Port."

Any Technology, Sufficiently Advanced... Joy meets her worst nightmare, and vice versa.

Figuratively : In which Joy asks the eternal question, "Then why didn't you say so?"

Diagnostics and Analysis - What better way to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of USS Hawking than a reunion and temporal anomaly? These are the good old days...

In (Almost) Any Given Universe - Reality is broken. What is wrong? How do we fix it?