Joy Class Androids

Joy Gets Nasty


Possible hostile contacts are Federation. Possible hostile contacts have complete knowledge of attack software for Hawking's Photon Torpedoes. Analysis of evasion patterns confirms. High probability observed of fighters executing a double move just prior to torpedo impact. The first move by the fighter is a feint, just sufficient to trigger a response in the torpedo. The second move is the actual evasion. High effectiveness of evasion indicates it based on exact knowledge of torpedo's programmed response to the feint.


1. Torpedoes are normally launched in sequence, each in turn attempting a direct hit. This is maximum strategy for a large target with powerful shields. Multiple hits are required to disable shields of large targets. Fighters have much weaker shields. Program all torpedoes to arrive on target at the same time. Program them not for direct hits, but to create a maximum radius kill area centered on the most probable location of target. Attempt a cluster area burst, not direct hits. Use equivalent of a shotgun, not a rifle.

2. Program torpedoes to reduce speed just prior to impact. This gains maneuverability. This may be sufficient to throw off the timing of the double feint and evade move.

3. The double maneuvers take place at a very high speed. The torpedoes and fighters are each traveling at Warp 9.9 plus. Closing speeds are far too high for manually flown evasion patterns. The fighter computers are likely executing fixed evasion patterns. If the first maneuver is a feint, and the second maneuver is optimized to take the fighter away from the feint, it is possible based on the feint to predict the following actual evasion. This unit is working on a new torpedo program that will not ignore the feint, but will use the feint to predict the following maneuver. This new program should be used for one or two spreads of torpedoes. After that, the fighters will likely note the change in our torpedo software. Our salvoes should then be mixed, half with new programming, half with old.

Variant one is a seldom used but off the shelf alternate targeting program, TF 7 C. It is available immediately.

Variant two is a simple alteration of the standard program. This will be available shortly.

Variant three requires additional calculation. Please stand by...