Joy Class Androids

The Science Department Goes Shopping

"Replicator bulk I understand. The meat department contains components of cold animal servo systems, right?"

"That is correct, though the term is a bit .. how shall I put it...'crude', perhaps? ... when it comes to food...."

"And the produce section has plant solar receptacle panels and sexual organs?"

"Yes! Indeed... a wide selection of them, by my estimate."

"And the frozen foods section contains both, except colder?"

"My dear Joy, you make it all sound so tempting. However, I must point out... those of us routinely consuming these items, tend to prefer milder descriptions. "

"I'm sorry. My basic personality templates were rather selective, and I have spent considerable time in space since. My biology is weak, and I have never had to learn to cook."

"I assure you Sir, any weakness in your basic personality templates would come to most as a surprise... just out of curiosity... what exactly did these templates do contain?"

"I was supplied with data on being a princess, a spy, a nun, a jewel thief, an angel, a flower seller, and, well, err… Let's not talk about Holly."

"Did I hear 'a spy', and 'a thief'? Ah, but you have my undivided attention! Do tell me more.. .and by all means, let's do talk about Holly!"

"Well, here is something Holly knows about. I know this area. This is the wine section. Holly knew all about wine."

"Ahh.... how much did she know about poison?"


"I am afraid I have bad news, Sir. According to my tricorder's readings, the content of these barrels has been affected by a mutation of the Raig Ta biogen. Their inactive bio-signatures, and most of their active bio-signatures are identical. I am certain of the relation. "

"The wine contains the disease vector?" The expression on Joy's face implied this was a terrible waste.