Personal Log, Joy Five, 9702.01

Junior Lieutenant at Ops is working just fine. I tried to get ensign. I shouldn't have worried that much. Position is more important than rank. At Ops - and I sometimes get Helm orders as well - you get straight technical orders which can be obeyed quickly and reliably.

I am really quite lucky. Joy Eleven's current orders are to save the lives of everyone on a planet that wants to shake itself apart. Ten was told to abandon a space station, but she was not told that everyone senior to her would opt to 'go down with the ship'. She ended up in charge of a small ship full of a station's worth of civilian refugees. But that is nothing compared to what they did to Seven. Federation Counselor is very hard. She had to preserve, protect and defend the constitution, while still preventing anyone in the Federation from dying. She tried...

Compared to that, what is "beam down the away team", or "Engage, Warp Factor five"?

What is it that makes organic beings want responsibility for implementing vague and difficult orders?

Yes. The Gabriel has been good. The only problem is keeping track of who has the bridge. People come and go here. The holodecks are always busy, and it seems the Commodore has a lot of medical consultations to perform with the XO's wife. I think I'm only supposed to follow helm orders from the person who has the bridge, but they are not always good about formal transfer of command. Like right now, with the science and security departments back looking at an alien capsule we just picked up, there is no one on the bridge but myself, Ensign Ghost and Ensign Specter...

Why are they looking at me so expectantly?

Captain's log, USS Gabriel, Supplemental, Stardate 9702.01, LtJg Joy Five reporting


The Klingons apparently have a spy aboard this ship, responsible for allowing penetration of our communications and computer security, and responsible for the theft of a file which specifies how to stabilize wormholes. This unit has received conflicting reports on whether this file contains actual or fake data.

It seems more likely to be real. Our XO just created a wormhole and went through it. This was not on the recorded flight plan. Alternately, the wormhole may have just spontaneously opened up and grabbed our XO.

While there is no indication of hostile ships in the area, the subspace disturbance created by the wormhole might be readable from a considerable distance. This unit expects investigating ships from other powers.

And... Ummm... We have aliens in our hanger bay. Oryan aliens. Very alien.

Other than this, the situation seems stable.

Personal Log, Joy Five, Supplemental, 9702.01

This is not fair. LCARS doesn't have a rank. The Holo Doctor doesn't have a rank. Why does this unit have to have a rank?