Joy Class Androids

Ops and Science Technical Manuals

This section features Joy as a manual writer. Myself as a gamer and Joy as a character both like some degree of structure. What is my assigned job? How far can I go before I am stepping on another character's prerogatives? How does a starship work anyway?

But more importantly, on large ships each department can be stuck on it's own with no chance to interact with the crew as a whole or the main plot. One theme of Joy's manuals is to encourage well structured interactions between departments. This makes characters part of a crew, not part of a department, and gives people more to do.

Simming in Styles This extends Glenn Blacow's classic four aspects of role playing games - action, story telling, problem solving and role playing - to on line Star Trek simming. It's intent is to help players adapt quickly when they move to a new ship.

The USS Hawking Ops Guide was written as Joy moved to Ops. Hawking has a large crew, with 20 people present on any given sim common enough. The Hawking Ops guide centers more on who does what on a traditional TNG era ship, while the Defiant guide listed below is concerned more with the unusual capabilities of the USS Defiant.

The USS Hawking Science Guide was written shortly after Joy became Science Chief. The Hawking is primarily a science ship, an explorer. She is the only ship I've encountered with four science officers. While the ideas included are untried, it contains ideas on how to keep science officers on a big ship busy and interacting with other crew members.

The USS Hawking Science Information Center Guide was written shortly after the science guide. The Hawking is experimenting with a secondary bridge for science personnel. This is Joy's idea on how to use it.

The USS Hawking Technical Specifications The player's guide to the starship Hawking, as prepared by Ann Stewart and Fred Michaels. This spec is more about the ship than Joy's role on the ship, but belongs on the list none the less.

The USS Defiant Ops Guide is a similar outline on how Joy perceives her job at Ops. The Defiant has some unusual equipment. On most ships, the role of Fighter Director isn't a problem, nor is the strategic weapons system. However, the role of Ops in coordinating departments and equipment in a sim is explored here.

Bob's Rules of Order : This is a short informal version of Robert's Rules of Order. It is intended as a guidline on procedure for the Federation Council style sim.

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