On Dominion


A great number of good and deeply felt points were made at the last meeting. After nearly every speech, I felt a desire to applaud one aspect, but rebut another. Rather than tie up the floor next meeting, I am preparing a longer paper. Even here, I am focusing primarily on the position of Chairman Rybalt, with whom I am in most agreement and most in disagreement

Many of the "Federation ideals" make military sense, and explain with a second look why the Federation has been able to stand even with warrior cultures in their own field. We do not tie up forces invading other cultures or planets. We do not tie up forces occupying conquered territories. As our members are willing and free participants, their cultures need not be blunted or subdued. This results in a diversity and energy that the militaristic cultures cannot match

Nothing the administration has said changes this. No one has proposed altering the above

It has traditionally been Federation policy to prevent wars rather than win them, to not use force unless all other means have been exhausted. Those in this chamber are well aware of Mudd's dedication to these policies, and how often I have spoken to maintain them. However, in the case of the Dominion, Mudd is of the opinion that all peaceful means have been completely and thoroughly exhausted. While Mudd is open to new proposals for a peaceful settlement, use of force against the Dominion in defense of the lives and freedom of Federation citizens is clearly justified

It is natural for the Federation Chairman and for Starfleet policy makers to view the Federation as a single sovereign entity. They are not entirely mistaken in this perspective. However, as an ambassador sitting on the Federation Council, I must speak of another perspective. The Federation is an alliance, a collection of diverse and sovereign cultures and planets. It was and is dangerous for sovereign planets joined in Federation to create Starfleet and other Federation agencies with greater temporal power than is available to the individual members

The planets agreed to the creation of the Federation only with limitations. The current administration seems to be flirting with bypassing these limitations

With the proposal for an interstellar police force with authority to handle sublim advertisements, I see an effort to build a Federation wide police with authority to over ride the planetary governments. This violates the non-interference principle

With careful wording, the administration passed through Council a measure that suspended the Council's right and duty to authorize and oversee use of force on Darcili. The planets must not lose authorization and oversight authority over use of force, and the administration should cease attempts to trespass on this authority.

Through this Council the member planets control use of force. The Chairman's role should be to seek consensus and consent. The Chairman's role is not to bully through or dictate a decision already made by himself or by Starfleet. He is Chairman, not Dictator

I have heard both the Security General and the Chairman come into this chamber and tell Council what must be done. This is not the correct attitude, not politically, not ethically, and not legally. And therefore, when the Chairman comes before this Council and says we must defend the lives and liberties of Federation citizens standing on their home soil

This unit is embarrassed to agree with him. When all efforts to avoid war have been exercised, when all peaceful means have proven futile, when all rewards of conquest that might come with victory have been renounced, there remains a duty to preserve, protect and defend the Federation Constitution, a duty to preserve the lives and liberties of our citizens, a duty to authorize a strategy that will work, and to provide sufficient tools and training to those we ask to go in harm's way.