Poroposal to Save a World

 This unit is not satisfied that we have sufficient evidence to make the best decision. This is not the fault of Starfleet or any others supporting the Council. This is the nature of the problem.

As a proposal for discussion, this unit proposes dividing applicable resources into three teams, and determining under which circumstance each team should take initiative.

Team One will consist of telepaths, linguists, diplomats, and first contact specialists. They will continue to attempt to communicate with the entity as if it is sentient. They should assume that the "childlike" reading from the telepaths is correct. If they succeed in establishing meaningful two-way communications, this team becomes prime, and can over ride the others.

Team Two will consist of child psychologists and animal behavior experts. They are to assume sentient communications will not take place in a timely fashion. They should attempt to use very basic "carrot and stick" training methods to attempt to get the entity away from the planet. Starfleet and all other agencies available are to support Team Two's efforts. Team Two is to take immediate priority over other teams. They lose this priority if Team One establishes meaningful communications or three hours before the time at which massive deaths would occur on planet.

Team Three is to assume this is a military problem. Primary mission statement is to preserve lives on the planet. Minimizing use of force is desirable, but secondary. Unless Team One or Two is showing great promise of success, Team Three will be authorized use of all available resources three hours before the situation goes critical.

A small fourth team should consider alternate methods.

The Council should continue to monitor the situation, and be available to resolve any disagreement between the teams. As zero hour approaches, time for debate will be unavailable. The Chairman may have to make an executive decision as commander in chief.

While most proposals made by Mudd are carefully considered, and defendable, the above is not. This unit has no confidence that the above will generate proper results under all circumstances. Alternative proposals are very welcome.