Joy Seven, The Federation Council

Joy Seven was the first Joy Class android to enter service. She started in September of 95, with the Alliance Sim Group's USS Aurora. The Aurora is a good fun ship, action oriented, with fun personalities and good characterization. However, for no real reason I can put a finger on, Joy Seven and the USS Aurora never produced a log that made my all star list. With the Aurora moving from AOL to Internet IRC format, Joy has lost contact with Aurora.

The Federation Council is an entirely different style of sim. TFC is Joy's only non-ship sim, a political sim. It produced more logs for these pages in a shorter time than any other sim.

The Council is primarily about discussing issues and politics. Many of the strong feelings and philosophies bubbling beneath the surface of the Joys on ship duty - which subtly alter their behavior - become central issues of debate on the Council. As a result, the Council logs will tell you a lot about the Joy's beliefs and what she would fight for.

After a lengthy absence, I am now back with COL's Federation Council. It is a very unusual style of sim, where all the players are involved in decision making. It may not be for everybody, but at the moment we are looking for people. Any advanced simmers interested might drop me a note at

Service is the basic foreign policy of the planet Mudd. Dance along with Joy as she tries to derive a policy out of the Laws of Robotics, the Prime Directive, and the Guarantees.

Beware of Androids Bearing Gifts reviews the problems Mudd might bring with it, should it enter the Federation. It presents these little problems. Does the Federation Council have the right to regulate the life time of it's citizens? Can they tell the lustful female androids of Mudd their proper sexual orientation? Stay tuned...

Five Six Seven Eight is sort of a cheat. I decided to use Alyce class androids for Mudd's security detachment, not Joys, so this never got posted to the Council mail list. Still, this short piece seemed amusing enough to post anyway.

Joy cannot lie. This does not say that she always says everything on her mind. Some of the above writings show a high regard for 'pretty words' and organic ideals. Underneath, what is there? Fangs, Claws, and Words gives a glimpse.

Joy is of course working for the well being of the androids of Mudd. However, Joy is an emotion chip android, while the rest of Mudd's citizens lack emotions. Vixen from Vulcan shows a few cracks in the uniform and obedient 'perfect' culture of Mudd.

Let My People Go is the speech Joy has wanted to give to the Federation Council since she met her first Stella android. Should the interdiction imposed by James T Kirk continue to imprison the androids of Mudd? I don't know where the TFC sim is going to go from here, but this should be the key speech of Joy's political career.

Farmer's Daughter was the result of one of the first great debates of the Federation Council sim. Should we help Damaroon find peace, security, and freedom, or would Federation interference be against the Prime Directive? What takes precedence, the Guarantees, the Prime Directive, or the wishes of the people of Damaroon? Farmer's Daughter explores some of the most basic principles of Star Trek's politics, and tries to do so in a fairly entertaining way.

A Scar After the storm, and as the storm begins, an interlude.

Proverbs Joy Three starts a long voyage from Mudd to Qo'noS, home world of the Klingon Empire.

A Nice Place to Visit Joy Three and Bruce reach Qo'noS, get first impressions of the Imperial Klingon Capitol, and make some impressions of their own. This log was first written by the Federation Council's Klingon player, with myself making considerable contributions to Joy's dialogue and the action scene.

Cry Havoc? The Founders attempted to kidnap or replace the entire Federation Council. In return, the Council is considering sending war fleets through the Bajorn wormhole in a "joint operation targeted at reducing cominion offensive capabilities". What do the Laws of Robotics have to say about deterrence and revenge?

At this point, for about a year Joy was off the Council. I start the second term with an introduction to Ambassador Joy, and a description of her planet.

Ambassador Joy. A brief character sketch.

Planet Mudd. Filling in some details not covered in "I Mudd".

Powell's Questions. Colin Powell asked a few interesting questions before starting the Gulf War. Here, Joy applies them to a foreign intervention on Darcili XI.

On Dominion The broadest of Federation Council debates to date. How should the Federation answer the Dominion threat?

Proposal to Save a World With the Giant Space Amoeba attacking - a possibly sentient Giant Space Amoeba, mind you - how soon is violence justified?

Schism - Traditionalist and Militarist factions threaten to split the Federation.

With the COL version of the Federation Council sim suspending, I rejeoined the CPA incarnation. When a player joins a Council sim, there is a tradition of giving the character a large ornate ring. When leaving the sim, there is no mention of taking the ring away. Joy Seven thus now has three Council rings?

Realspace, Holospace, Cyberspace, Laws is a wide ranging conversation between Professor Moriarty and Ambassador Joy. It starts with Section 31, but dwells on the political differences between androids and sentient holodeck characters.

Questions of Rights and Priorities - Joy finds an excuse to ask before Council some basic questions of Mudd's political theory.

Seeking Resolution - When do the rules not apply?

Mythic Warrior Not - Can old legends be brought back to life?

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