Name: Joy Seven

Species: Mudd Android

Gender: Neuter (Appearance is that of an idealized human female)

Age: 106 (Apparent age, low 20s.)

Height: 1.75 Meters

Weight: 93 Kg

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Fair Caucasian

Place of Birth: Mudd, assembly line 2.

Date of Birth: 4520.3

Telepathic Status: Resistant (Few telepaths can read positronic minds.)


Environmental Requirements: Survival capable in a broad range of environments. Pressure - zero to 30 atmospheres. Gravity - operational 0 to 15 G, survivable to 24 G. Toxins - essentially immune. Disease - essentially immune. Radiation - equivalent to class 1 hardened. Self repair from radiation damage is complete from any but a lethal dosage. Electro Magnetic Pulse - Equivalent of class 2 hardened, but vulnerable. Power requirement Class II phaser pack, two carried, one replaced every 5 days. H2O .2 liters capacity, but used primarily for cosmetic emulation of human fluid discharge.


Interpersonal Relation Profile: (linear scale to 10, 10=highest) Introversion: 2.5, Relies on Intuition: 1, Trusts rules over context: 7, Wants problems solved and closed: 9, Shows emotions: 9, Stability of mental core identity: 7, Creativity: 3, Sensitive to feelings of others: 10, Trusts democratic processes: 7

Probable Strengths: Eidetic memory. Capable of following procedures well. Values of Starfleet and the Federation programmed into the emotion chip. Thorough. Persistent. Self sacrificing. Obedient. Loyal.

Probable Weaknesses: Too self sacrificing. Protects lives of others at priority 2, protects her own life at priority 6. Programming forces rigid adherence to six rules, primarily the Prime Directive, Asimov's Laws of Robotics, and a requirement to obey the law. Cannot advocate illegal or lethal actions no matter what the practical benefit might be.

Interpersonal Relations: Was originally designed as a personal companion android. Will initiate conversation and attempt to give pleasure to others should no conflict with her Asimov processor programming exist. Has made many close friends in academy, on various ships, and in the artificial intelligence community.

Dynamic Neural Vector Groups:(interests) General spaceship operation, security, computer security, artificial intelligence, law, civil rights, martial arts, dance, interstellar economics, piracy


Masters: N/A

Other Info: Joy Seven was constructed on Mudd and operated extensively in the Charador nebula through her first century. Neither location developed traditional university education systems, but emphasized gaining practical experience. Joy Seven was over a century old upon entering Starfleet Academy, where her nonconventional background put her far ahead of other cadets in applied knowledge of space operations, but far behind in terms of interpersonal relationships.


Date: 9604.07 through 9609.20

Planet/Situation Assigned To: Federation Council

Rank (if appropriate): Ambassador

Accomplishments: Persuaded Council to lift James Kirk's quarantine isolating Mudd, and accept Mudd into interplanetary community. Instrumental in finding refuge for the sentient plants of Marynan, and persuading the Federation to intervene on Damaroon.

Established Mudd's foreign policies advocating support for those in need, strict rule of law, and avoiding use of force.


Joy was the seventh in a series of emotion chip androids constructed under the supervision of "Lord" Harcourt Fenton Mudd the First. Seven was one of two androids who left Mudd when their lord escaped. Both were sold to a Ferengi marauder captain who later became chief of the Charador pirates. Joy Four is still at large.

Seven was captured by Starfleet Intelligence, and reprogrammed for operation with Starfleet. The reprogramming emphasized not repeating improper behaviors learned during her century of operation. Several Joys have been operated successfully with Starfleet, earning ranks up to Lt Commander. Only one Joy has failed to function acceptably on ship duty. Joy Ten's captain was framed by a rogue element in Starfleet admiralty. Captain and crew hijacked their own ship to clear their name. Joy Ten's inability to operate outside the law resulted in her being powered down.

As the Federation's basic ideals are fed into her emotion chip, Joy Seven became a highly effective speaker and debater during her first stay on the Federation Council. However, three of Joy's six Asimov directives reference the law. The Starfleet councilor's evaluation of the Joy class lists them as being "neurotic on the subject of the law". Ambassador Seven's opinions on covert operations are thus to be considered highly suspect.