Planet Mudd

System Name: UFC 257704

Class: K


Population: 74,533

Physical type : Humanoid Androids

Special Abilities: Strength, Organization, Loyalty

Aggressiveness level <0 (peaceful) to 5 (warlike)>: 1

Culture : Centered on obeying Asimov's Laws of Robotics. This dedication to protecting life, serving, and obeying is as dominant on Mudd as logic on Vulcan or honor among the Klingon.

Economy : Wide Area Network. Until contact was established with the Federation, Mudd had no monetary system, but was entirely socialist. For purposes of trade, a planetary bank has been set up, and a currency.

Technological level : Superior artificial intelligence and robotics. Somewhat advanced warp drive. Knowledge in other fields is roughly comparable to Federation levels, slightly ahead in some areas, behind in others.

Government type : Wide Area Network. The androids of Mudd might be considered a form of hive mind. Members of a given class share memories and skills with one another, with most classes having 500 members. Most classes accept direction from the Norman class. Their structure and society is closer to the Borg than any other.

Medical/Scientific level: The androids are remnants of a society from Andromeda which travelled to the Milky Way long ago. This society was somewhat ahead of the Federation in many fields, however the people who built the androids are long dead, and the androids have been unable to fully recover much of "The Maker's" advanced knowledge.


General brief description: A mountainous desert world with a very thin atmosphere, little free water, and many craters dominating a few older tectonic mountains. Most species would require breathing apparatus and perhaps radiation protection to survive on Mudd's surface.

Unique Aspects: The androids live primarily in caverns beneath the planet's surface. Recently, large domes have been built near the equator to house the sentient plants of Marynan. The Marynan plants are hazardous to many sentient organic species, but the fruit they bear can be valuable. Mudd has undertaken to provide a safe haven.

Main resource deficiency for which trade is desired: Mudd was selected by the Makers as having the metals, silicates, and rare earths required to construct androids. Mudd's major desire is to find jobs for it's population. The androids were constructed

to serve, and have no purpose isolated on their planet.


Mudd formed close ties with the Klingon Empire shortly after the end of Mudd's quarantine, but the relationship became extremely strained with the death of the elder Ambassador Karmak, and with the Klingon attack on Deep Space Nine.

Mudd has a single heavy cruiser, the MMS Flower, which usually performs humanitarian, scientific or exploration missions under contract. Mudd has six fast, lightly armed upgraded B'rel scout ships. These are used for diplomatic missions, and to patrol Mudd's local space. Mudd is actively working to build a merchant fleet, and to increase contact with the outside world.