Joy Class Androids

In Trouble, Again

From : Ambassador Joy Seven of Mudd
To : Federation Council Chair Christiana McLeod
Subject : Assassination Investigation at DSZ6 


Milady Christiana

An Ambassador QelTrynai has recently arrived on DSZ6. She is half accusing Lt Joy Ten of assassination and covering up an assassination. While thus far QelTrynai has managed not to ask any of the correct questions of Joy Ten, and Ten has answered truthfully while giving away no important information, it appears QelTrynai knows something about the assassination.

Joy Ten has been ordered by Defiant's new XO, Commander McTalis, who was not present during the assassination mission, to cooperate in QelTrynai's investigation. Ten asked me if this meant not only answering questions truthfully, but also volunteering the information QelTrynai thinks she wants but has not asked for.

I advised Ten that by human law she is an accomplice to first degree murder before and after the fact, having served Ops when Defiant penetrated planetary defenses to drop the away team. Ten also sat on the planning session which debated methods and means of assassination. Ten has also not reported what she knows to Starfleet's Judge Advocate General.

I am thus advising Ten to claim the Seventh Guarantee should Ambassador QelTrynai continue questioning Ten. It is my understanding that Commander McTalis' order to cooperate with QelTrynai is illegal to the extent that it conflicts with the Guarantee against self incrimination, and that Ten can refuse to testify against herself. However, should QelTrynai offer Ten immunity from prosecution and ask Ten to testify under oath, Ten will have no choice but to say you initiated the mission, were present during the planning session, and on Defiant's bridge during the away team's penetration.

As you well know, Mudd is not pleased by your administration's policy of acting outside the law, even in a good cause as happened in this case. As my knowledge of the incident is based on shared memories with Ten, I have honored Ten's secrecy oath to Starfleet and not pressed this issue. While the action was almost certainly unconstitutional, it did save many lives and very likely kept the peace. If the issue should come to the Council floor, I am not at all sure how I would debate and vote.

But I am not sure it is in the interest of the Federation for the incident in question to come to the Council floor. Nor am I enthused by the idea of junior officers taking a fall for following direction from the highest levels of Federation authority. Thus, I am informing you of the investigation now underway.

I would suggest you look into QelTrynai's presence on DSZ6, find out how much she knows, and consider whether adding obstruction of justice to the possible charges against you would be prudent.



Ambassador Joy Seven
The Federation Council, San Francisco, Terra