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Joy Ten has moved from Kay Ander's USS Deliverance to Commodore Jats' USS Defiant, to a brief visit to Angel Swan's Cygnus. After a guest appearance in The Federation Council sim on the HoloKirk's MMS Flower, Ten is is back with the Defiant, currently under Cpt McTalis.

Each ship was fun in it's own way, and each followed a different style. Deliverance is a story teller's ship. The pace is slow enough that each character is given time to examine every element of the story. The depth of characterization was incredible, and the writing very good. Unfortunately, the plot line featured the crew going outlaw, and this stressed Joy's programming too greatly.

Defiant is an action ship where everybody contributes to the very intense plots, and the pace is breakneck. Joy was able to match the pace, and had surprisingly little trouble with her non-violence laws. For a while I was too busy with the other Joys to continue with Defiant, but with several Federation Council characters also working on Defiant, Ten is returning to active duty there as well.

Ten has produced fewer logs than the other two, but those she did are interesting.


USS Deliverance

The Card Joy's programming makes killing or injuring difficult, even under training conditions. Thus, in her Academy days, her team leaders made a ritual of reading... The Card. This was written to help the Deliverance people help adapt to Joy's programming.

Black Seven's Daughter is the darkest of the Joy Writings. While the android Joy Ten was under arrest, the holodeck character Joy One was trapped on a computer system being run by people who wanted to kill her. To escape, she had to establish relations with a rogue holodeck character, created to kill another member of the Deliverance's crew. Black Seven's Daughter is rated PG for strong language.

USS Defiant

Shouting Her Name is an account of Joy Ten's first major battle. Other Joy's had fought one on one ship skirmishes, but here the USS Defiant - not quite alone - must take on a Klingon task force. The prize is the planet Bajor

In Trouble Again With the Joys being programmed to obey the law, you would think they could stay out of legal troubles? Joy Ten was arrested and court marshaled while assigned to the USS Deliverance. Now, on the USS Defiant, comes another spot of trouble...

Clarification While it was easy for Joy Seven with her diplomatic immunity to advise Ten to plea the Seventh Guarantee, for an android, guilty is guilty...

Dagger Hand In the shadows of the present, Joy remembers advice from the past.

A Glass of Water explores the hazards and opportunities of councilors...

X-Trek The Truth is out there, where no man has gone before.

First Guarantee When a planet seeking membership to the Federation does not respect the right to life of it's minority members, what says the law?

Joy's Law If one creates a sentient being...

Pair of Pairs Doubt in the aftermath of victory.

The Nannite Song Joy has a bunch of tiny little problems.

Pattern and Utility The Defiant has a very bad day. Joy states objections.

USS Defiant A

The Defiant A continues with the same crew and tradition as the original Defiant. The name has been changed because Joy had to order a self destruct...

Definition The newly sentient Defiant A seeks refuge on Mudd.

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