The Ladies of the Night

Demon Cavalry?

Intercept. Communications between Candy Khaine, Demon Princess, commanding Ladies of the Night fleet at Jankobar, and Inquisitor Thebius at Jankobar Control.

You are demons. You ally with aliens. While we appreciate that you destroyed the pirate fleet, we regret you did not take more casualties in the process. Leave this system. We do not need your help. We do not wish the Ladies of the Night nor any other Chaos worshipers on the surface of this or any other Imperial planet.

Thank you for your clarity, Inquisitor. One last question. Are you familiar with the concept of "sentient vermin"?

No. Nor do I wish to be.

A sentient being is capable of language, reason and/or tool use. Vermin are nuisances, creatures that exclude competing creatures from their territory without remorse or mercy. There are several races and cults we consider sentient vermin, having souls, capable of understanding the universe, capable of making moral choices, but which may properly and ethically be put to death whenever they are encountered. Sentient vermin give moral social sentient races no choice but genocide.

The Imperium understands this concept. The Ladies of the Night would be sentient vermin.

Or not... There are two possible outcomes of this Interregnum, of this Age of War. One group of sentient vermin might triumph, slaying all groups but itself. Alternately, sentient races able to cooperate with one another might eliminate those who can not, resulting in a tolerant diverse multicultural galaxy. We would like to confirm the Imperium is choosing the path of the vermin? Your doctrine is to slay all who will not submit?

Leave this system. We do not need your help. We do not wish you on the surface of our planet.

The Ladies of the Night are a Warhammer 40K army, a heretical cult. On the table top they are played using Chaos Black Legion rules. The models used come from many sources, including Space marine vehicles, Sisters of Battle armored models, and 'furies' which include House Escher, Sisters of Sigmar and Repentia models riding on disks of Tzeentch.

These pages are intended to provide history and background for my opponents, and to perhaps inspire other players who might feel like playing a female 40K army, but don't care for the Sisters of Battle list. Admittedly, when I started the Ladies, the rules for playing Sisters of Battle seemed inadequate. Two revisions later, there is far less need to proxy SoB models into Chaos rules in order to get an interesting fight. Still, I've been playing my Twisted Sisters long enough to have become fond of them.

The Ladies of the Night started out as a small Shockforce skirmish force. I was intending to buy a few dozen Foundry Street Violence Street Girls figures, several Reaper succubi, and a Ral Partha succubi "Dragon of the Month." When no opportunities to play Shockforce came up, I considered what it would take to expand into a 40K army. Clearly, a succubi army would have to be played under Chaos rules. The Street Girls made natural cultists. The succubi were clearly demon cavalry. The big succubi was clearly a demon princess. All I needed was female models to represent chaos space marines proper. Games Workshop's Sisters of Battle models fit the bill.

The next challenge was to create history religion and culture for an army of demons and street walkers. The result would inevitably be perverse, and likely be politically incorrect. Thus, it would fit in with the 40K universe. 40K is full of demon worship, emperor worship, tyranny, ethnic cleansing, sexual perversity, gladiator combat, slavery and torture. This is a dark universe. The Reaper succubi and Foundry Street Girls models took me towards a different perversity than Games Workshop usually exploits for fun and profit. Some will argue that sex is more obscene than death and violence. Such values arguments are subjective in nature, forever inconclusive.

Anyway, if you think the above picture is improper, you might not want to listen to her perspective on life. The she demons are working for sexual and political freedom. They are convinced they are the good folk. They are the good folk. While the Ladies of the Night are as perverse and twisted as most of the other 40K races, they might arguably be the light at the end of the tunnel of endless war and death.

How would such an army come into existence? What would it's religious beliefs be? What might one's first encounter with the Ladies be like? What units am I fielding under 40K rules? What tactics work? How would a demon present her heretical views on sex, lies and politics? Surf on...

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