Profound Spiritual Implications


As the cause before the effect comes, verbs at the end of the phrase belong.

Anger, beware. Hate, beware. These alternate realities create. These to the Dark Side of the Farce belong.

Worry, do not. Happy be.

Everything possible is. See everyting possible you will not.

The Universe god with dice plays.

How seriously should this all be taken? How seriously would you care to take it?

Psi needs a testable theory with the potential to integrate parapsychology with main line science. Quantum mechanics needs an approach to intuitive understanding, and a way to avoid paradox. Schmidt's experiments demonstrating reverse time causality need an explanation.

I'd kind of like someone to try the experiments, to test the predictions. If the predictions don't hold up, it still makes an interesting mind twister. Anyway, writing to hold attention and stick in the mind seems a plausible approach.

In case one wonders, I did attempt to publish in a few refereed journals. I benefited from one particularly wonderful fast review process intended to quickly give an article not suitable for one publication an opportunity to apply elsewhere. In another case, after describing an "observation theory compatible with Schmidt's Model," I was told there were already quantum theories of psi. I should read the literature.

I have another theory of psionic politics. Main line science doesn't want to touch psi, and will want to touch reverse time causality even less. Parapsychology is unlikely to approve of the theory either. No mind over matter. In spite of presenting a starkly different view of the universe, metabolism shift is too mundane an answer. The parapsychologists are looking for something else. In spite of a commitment to science, many of them are still looking for magic.

But not finding it.

So on the web it goes, and we shall see.

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