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In most of the Joy's logs, Star Trek dominates Audrey Hepburn. These are Star Trek games after all. If I type Joy's lines in with a Vulcan syntax, in my head I'm hearing the words spoken with a lilting musical european accent. Once in a while Joy's background personalities clearly surface. These are the Audrey logs. They have a distincly different flavor than most of the others.

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The Measure of a Woman tells the story of how Joy met Fred. This was written about the same time as Panting of the Ghosts and Discovering Home. However, the scene occured when Joy Seven was still in Starfleet Academy. The incedent described was imagined during Joy's creation, when I was still working out her Laws and personality. However, it took me quite some time to come up with a format to tell the story well. While

Drinking Holographic Wine is the story of what happened after Admiral Alpha's party on the USS Hawking's holodeck. Joy doesn't often try to actively invoke the ghost of Holly Golightly. What happens when she finally works up the courage to do so, and it doesn't work? Joy 11, USS Hawking.

Golightly is my first try at a musical ship's log. At the end of a Judy Garland / Mickey Rooney musical, there is always a face paced upbeat production number. They are wonders in their own way, but part of the final high is a sad note played early in the movie. This is my attempt at Judy's ballad.

Proverbs: Joy Three and Bruce Lee travel to Quo'noS. Three way culture shock.

The Panting of the Ghosts In which Joy dances the part of the Dark Angel...

Discovering Home What can an android do when she has the mean reds, and the Hawking crew has shore leave on Earth? Time to visit Tiffany's.

Extra Latinum: I could have danced all night...