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The Holokirk

The HoloKirk was never intended as a full time character. I had one scene set in Tiffany's, used in the "AI Development Projects" log, which needed a holographic character that looked like Kirk. "AI Development Projects is the very first Joy log, excepting only the academy references, designed to introduce Joy, not HoloKirk.

On the Aurora, we briefly had a player with the ship who was playing one of Kirk's nephews. I was intending to have Joy give him a copy of HoloKirk to see what happened.

But later, in The Federation Council sim, the planet Mudd was opened up. The sim's commanding officer allowed me to use HoloKirk, and to load him into an android's body.

He has become an occasional player in the Federation Council logs. The Romulan player skirmished with a Kirk captained Mudd design ship at the location of the sim's first big crisis.

Here, then, are some of unit James Kirk Two's stories.

Starfleet Artificial Intelligence Development Projects is the oldest Joy log. It is my original introduction to Joy, and to her arch nemesis and friend, the HoloKirk.

Activate Emergency Captain Holographic Program marks the entry of HoloKirk into the Federation Council sim.

Things That Go Bump in the Night tells the story of the (chokes) routine android delivery mission that followed 'Activate Emergency Captain Holographic Program.' This log is the result of a joint effort. I did the bulk of the android diologue. Ambassador S'ten of the Federation Council sim filled in much of the rest of the action.

Joy Seven Said That is the 'debriefing' given on Kirk's return from 'Things That Go Bump in the Night' mission.

Joy's Law If one creates a sentient being...

Joy's Second Law was written to introduce Joy Nine to the USS Lovisa. After years without posting a new Joy log, Nine managed to surprise me.

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