Personal Log, Ensign Tay, 0511.17
Copy To Razerwolf councilor's office


United Federation Planets. Sol. Earth. Brazil. Amazon Basin. Manaus College.

Was little girl. Not first to leave Jungle. Nightflyers have left jungle for stars since F'lan came. First to Manaus College. What to do with little girl with wings? Is girl student or specimen? Learned. Was good student. Made lights on screen dance. Wanted to dance in sky too. Fish with fins must swim. Jaguar with legs must run. Girl with wings must fly. Fly with parrots, bright wings reflect on water. Fly with bats, singing in dark.

Teachers not really get heart attack. Just faking it.

Learned xenobiology. Learned ecological niches. Learned other long words hard to say. Learned about life. Spread leaves to sun, claws to flesh, wings to wind. Learning to make lights dance on screen one thing. Can do. Living another thing. Elders on Jungle said Jungle is real. Lights on screen just game aliens play. Real life is jungle. Sun on skin. Rain in hair. Wind on wings. Blood on talons. Not find life between stars. Between stars is empty. All flashing lights. Canned air. Vacuum.

But Amazon is jungle too. More than one wind. Many suns make many colors. Heavy worlds make strong wings.

Even if teachers fake heart attack.

Teachers said stay in envelope. Fly in envelope, safe. Fly out of envelope, spin, crash. Saw envelope once. Museum. Tiny little thing. Made of crushed tree, squashed flat, folded. How can one fly inside envelope?

Xenobiology. Why do predators play? Razerwolf. When young cub opens eyes, sees brother, attacks. Why? Must learn fangs. Must learn protect throat. Must find envelope. Must find edge of envelope. Must learn wings, fangs, claws in clear air above trees before sharing sky with storm, tree and dragon.

Vulcan fixate on logic. Klingons focus on honor. Perhaps Nightwing play? Perhaps Nightwing hate envelopes?

Starfleet officers fake heart attacks too. Starfleet officers love envelopes. Cannot use joystick. Must push sparkle lights. Engines pass shake down, but no evasives. Computer programmed to stay in envelope. Like little girl again. Stay in envelope.

Some pilots think machines that fly have souls. Can souls be born inside envelope?



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