Little Stuff


Operations Log, USS Razerwolf, 0511.10 Ensign Tay, Shakedown Cruise Underway

Forward to CO, XO


Am Science Chief. Have good Helm scores. Starfleet ask, can do helm and science? Can do. Have good Ops scores. Starfleet ask, can do helm and ops and science? Can do. Cannot invent transwarp while navigating asteroid belt, but can navigate asteroid belt. Can do in simulator. Have done simulator a lot.

Simulator lies.

Tricky part was Ops. Teacher says, tell captain about big stuff. Anything that effects primary mission is big stuff. Don't tell captain about little stuff. If can make little stuff go away without bothering captain, make it go away. How tell big stuff from little stuff? Every captain different. If wrong, captain will let Ops know.

Went to bottle smashing ceremony. Smashed blood wine and ale. This good. Not smash champaign, can drink champaign. After bottles smashed, went for champaign.

But XO asked point to point transport to bridge. XO called crew to ship. XO in hurry? Decided no champaign. Decided no point to point. XO important. Ensign not important. Not emergency. Walked to ship. TL to bridge. When got to bridge, XO had clearance to leave station. Was going to leave without helm officer?

XO in hurry. Sat down helm. Slaved ops. Did checklists. Told XO ready to fly. XO said fly. Released clamps. Great moment. Tay flies very own starship.

Computer objected. Helm station said wait on ops. Ops station said request made to release clamps with airlocks open. Really want to release clamps with airlock open? Sure? Really really sure? Told ops station run checklist to release clamps. Airlocks closed. Clamps released. Time to fly. Figured, little stuff. Not need tell XO about little stuff.

Simulator not like real ship. On simulator, say airlock close, airlock closes. On ship, better to ask security team at airlock to close airlock. If computer closes airlock when people in airlock, loud alarms, flashing lights, half security team wrong side closed doors. If tell security team close airlock, much quieter. Security team much happier. Simulator does poor security team linguistics. Learned new words. Learned security team creative, emphatic. Figured, little stuff. Not need tell XO about little stuff.

Call from transport chief. List of people wanting to get aboard big. Permission to man more transporter rooms? Priority, beam transporter operators on board first? Some afraid miss ship. Some mad slam doors close. Some mad no champaign. Manned transporters. Ran unscheduled rapid rate transport drill. Decided maybe fly away from station slow to stay in transport range bit longer. Figured, little stuff. Not need tell XO about little stuff.

Transporter chief says crew aboard ship. Champaign aboard station. Permission to run one more test of transporter system? Authorized transport. Ops responsible to allocate resources. Allocated two bottles to each airlock security team. Figured, little stuff. Not need tell XO about little stuff.

Transport chiefs asked beta and gamma watch help carry champaign to Ten Forward. Report some champaign did get to Ten Forward. Ten Forward reports might be short when alpha comes off watch. Authorize holiday resources? If have resources for party on anniversary of launch, surely can have party on launch day? Ask councilor? Help make anger closed doors fear miss ship go away? Councilor not on bridge. Authorized resources. Figured, little stuff. Not need tell XO about little stuff.

Stardate 0511.11 USS Razerwolf underway. Everything normal?

Ensign Tay



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