The Tin Woodsman

No Identity number. An ob-vious illegal

Identification? I'm Nick Chopper, The Tin...

Squak! Tin is an in-ferior metal! Very poor de-sign.


Squeaal. No woodsman models are re-corded! Obsolete! No registration! Ob-solete! In-ferior materials! It's the scrap-yard for you!

And I'm human!

A like-ly story!

TWH 77

I won't wear it!

A Piece of Cake! 55 You Can't Lose! 56 Not Food! 58 Appology 59
No Way! 60 The Liddle People 62 Klutz-Factored Magic 66 Peace, Man! Good Vibes! OM! 70
Snakeyes?!? 75 The Tin Woodsman 77 Can't be Orcs! 89
The Dwarf and the Weather Mage 90 Damn Lawfuls! 95 Critical Hit 127
Fur Blanket 130 Elvus Twittieus 130 Rear Deja Vu 135 The Game Warden 146
Humorist Gamesmaster 152 I Can't Find It! 157 Elves or Gnomes? 159
Requiescat In Pace 185

Warp Nine, Flying False Colors!