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Yield right of way to battleships.

While most pictures on these pages were taken by myself, the first two on this page are drydock shots taken by Ronnie's Studio and Photo Lab, Fall River, MA (508) 679-6060 More of Ronnie's drydock shots are available at the Battleship Cove web site.

Little Man
Ignore the little man behind the propeller

They had to remove the five bladed outer propellers to effect recent repairs made in dry dock. Rather than reattach them, the propellers have been placed on display. In making a model of an Iowa class battleship, I was surprised that they called for the propellers and shafts to be painted "gold leaf." After seeing the Massachusetts's props cleaned up and polished, this really is the appropriate choice. In taking the below pictures, the angle was selected with difficulty to minimize the glare of sunlight off the prop.

All polished up

The propeller was photographed at its actual size. At right, a slightly undersized mailman.

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