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Hatches & Bolts


As with the 16 inches of armor on the conning tower, the best place to see the 5.3 inches of deck armor is where it is broken by a hatch. Here are two identical hatches at opposite ends of the citidel.

These hatches seem hazardous enough to the casual tourist. Still, the guard rails above are clearly not original equipment. The sailor's rails, seen in red, above, couldn't extend through where the hatch would close. I wonder if someone did try to close the hatch, if the tourist's guard rail would just get eaten?

Turret Hatch

This is the only way in or out of Turret 3. It looks to be about 5 inch armor. The position is beneath the back of the turret. If 19 degrees of angle is decreases the effect of a hit, 75 degrees is even better?

They are currently working to resplace the deck planking of the Massachusetts. Two large sections of the deck have already been torn out. The above picture shows the need. Note also the 40 mm spare gun barrel stored under the turret. I believe the 'pipes' behind the gun barrel are booms used to deploy anti-mine equipment.


There is a fine display of model aircraft in the rear of the Massachuetts. World War II is understandably emphisized, but there is a goodly collection covering many eras. So what is that guy doing underneath the display case, taking a picture of his feet?

I was impressed by the size of the bolts. The model aircraft displays start just where the citidel ends. It seems a row of bolts were driven to attach the stern of the ship to the citadel? The change in floor thickness just astern of the nuts reflects the end of the "all" part of the "all or nothing" armor scheme. In the center of the ship, the protective deck over the magazines and machinery spaces is that much thicker than elsewhere.

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