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The main tower from the starboard bow

From top, The Flag, Air Search radar, Spot One (the main fire control director), Sky One, and the conning tower. Sky Two's radars can be seen to the left.

Spot 1
Spot One

Spot One, so called as the optics aboard was used to call the spot of the splash on a near miss. Before radar and spotter planes, the optics mounted on the top of a battleship's tower was responsible for targeting the main guns. The optics inside are similar to the "oversized binoculars" shown inside the main turret. The arms extended well out from the ship as the distance between the lens increased the accuracy with which range could be estimated. Spot One was and remained a position of high prestiege, much to the disgruntlement of the air crews of the spotter planes. The air crews felt they could do a far better job. In World War II, the optics was augumented by a range finding radar, mounted on top of the optics turret.

Spot One is aMk 38 gun director, with a Mk 13 radar mounted on top.

Spot Two from near the stack.

Spot Two is mounted much lower on the ship. The aft tower was kept just below the level of the stack. Most of the smoke (hopefully) passed over the spotting optics. The optics and turret is identical to Spot One, but Spot Two apparently did not receive the late war radar upgrade. The radar mounted above the optics is an older unit, a Mk 8.

Spot 2 Bottom
Spot Two from below

Spot 2 from the stern

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